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If you arrive here "out of the blue" please be aware this Book, a work in progress changes, and necessary alterations and or important additions to the published text do occur; either to correct grammar and typo issues or to enter additional information into the content at appropriate points. Please bookmark this page and ensure you do return. As this work progresses it WILL become ever more relevant to your Life and to your knowledge of who you may be and why you are living through this fantastically important period in the History of the Human Race; a conclusive period that will affect every living Man, Woman and Child.


me This strong angel lives in Hastings, in the UK, which according to eminent Scientist Lyall Watson is known to possess a powerful deviation in the Earth's Magnetic Field equivalent to the Sargasso Sea region off the Florida Keys (The Bermuda Triangle). This he suggested was "periodically why all hell breaks loose in one of those places". ROMEO ERROR; page 170 [coronet 1974]. Hastings is a place of rising, lying at the dividing gateway between the micro and macrocosmic realms; it is a place where Life and Death occasionally are interactive; where a species may arrive or disappear. The powerful geomagnetic forces present, offer ideal conditions for chthonic sourced microcosmic energies to surface and to linger where otherwise they would be impotent so to do. It must be stressed that this does not mean an increase in "Ghost" sightings or Poltergeist the movie style events, although inexplicable - even crazy - things do occasionally happen for no reason. But .. and this is for sure .. your very self will be moved by the unseen forces at work around you. As you will read below human beings are Souls begird by Spirit. The concentration of microcosmic fields in the Hastings area has a subtle influence on the Spirit of local inhabitants and many people, due to anti-sublimation of their Soul find it very difficult to stay within .. and even harder to break away from .. the prevailing supernatural forces. It is vital to bear two things in mind to .. a) effectively read this text .. and b) properly comprehend who you are; these are .. a) You have a Soul and it is Extraterrestrial, and you are 'glued' together by Spirit, which is very much of the earth beneath your feet .. and b) except in instances that will be described to you, there is no one without the other, in the course of being human.

I was investigating comet HALE BOPP, reminding myself of the facts about it, when" I came across the subject of the Heavens Gate Sect (1997) which I recall caused quite a stir at that time, and then the topic of “walk in" sometimes referred to as soul merging. The latter was of interest to me because I had just such an experience in 1995, and indeed went onto write a Film Script, "Soul", about that event, twice visiting Los Angeles with a view to sell the screenplay, and had an option to return there a third time so as to keep a verbal arrangement to meet Director/Producer Peter Segal; we'd chatted - first week of April 2009 - for a while in a photo-store in Marina Del Rey: Please to hope he remembers! However on returning to England, a matter of days later, and within hours of leaving images of the Soul at then Prime Minister Tony Blair's Office, at 10 Downing St, I was attacked and left for dead on the streets of my hometown; April 1999; and very broken up was unable to return to Los Angeles. And events have conspired to prevent me doing so ever since. Now here is an intersting thing .. As I was being attacked a man broke my left wrist (impact fracture) a metal pipe. I managed to disarm him but his mate, blind side of me, claimimg to be a policeman, fooled me into giving up the weapon, whereupon he immediately beset me with it, smashing me over the head with the thing several times as his dog, a lurcher took hold of my right arm. I had to release the first attcker and he got up and immediately started kicking me as I crumpled to my knees. Do you know I was dead, for a very short instance I was dead .. and then I came too, and bounced the dog off the wall behind me as I broke away and tried to revive my wits. the assailants, crack-head cowards moved away to a safe distance .. and I was not a little glad of that. At the time I was carrying (concealed in pouch under my jacket) a Nokia Communicator 9010, and a Casio QV-700SX digital camera. The Communicator had a sound recording facility and indeed I made recordings in the afermath of the incident as I awaited the arrival of the Police .. who took almost an hour to get there. This delay of the Police in other similar incidents, became the subject of a Channel 4 (tv) Documentary. In the after math of this assault upon me I always felt I had lost something .. I mean what had "walked in" to me had walked out. But sometimes I wonder, what if I really did die and the "walk in" hung on; and beyond what I think, what if I really did die and all this is the infernal pergatory

What follows is entirely personal to me. I cannot/do not speak for any other individual or group, which is why I never get involved with any, and consequently did not take too much notice of for example the Heavens Gate cult as they were then being reported, although I felt - like a lot of people quietly did- a respectful admiration for their obvious commitment to their faith, as expounded in the press in the days after their mass suicide. However at the time, e.g. the late 1990’s, I was in my own mind very aware that Hale-Bopp was no mere comet but something far more important in the Universal system of things. I knew then, and wholly believe - know - Hale-Bopp came to collect Souls; and also to leave here other 'Strong Souls' to assist a transformation about to occur upon the Earth plane. Later in this book we will come to reappraise the Heavens Gate cult. there may be more to them than met the eye in them heady days just prior to 1999 and all that.

 In a nut shell the task of the visiting strong souls is to ready those Souls not able to escape, to be alert to and so aware, able to survive the imminent tribulation occurring - before this happenings end; this for to set up the generations ahead. I came to this conclusion over a period of years, through reading Scripture, History, Classics yes; but more by direct observation of humanity .. by close examination of current events and the human activities that linked them, wove them if you like. There is a fundamental truth we all of us must realise and share .. that is that every single person alive is a thread within the tapestry that is the blanket Mankind. Wherever you are in the raimant you are integral and no less or more important than any/every other human being .. no matter how foreign they are to you or vice-versa are.  With regards to my walk in I honestly admit to you, I felt I was alone in what I had experienced; else had deep suspicions about the authenticity of some of the other “walk in” reports, I had heard of .. as I now know such events to be termed. But that is not to say other people are not explaining what they know correctly; just because none of their incidents seemed like my own does not make them any the less actual. And although the encounter I had was profound, altering my thinking permanently, I suspected my inner willing to rationalise [it] with religion, as others have, was the result of a life time of conditioning rather than insightfullness. That being said, without detailing them here, I have, and do, and am able to produce prophetic and at times proactively influential results when I focus upon events I am somehow drawn to. I will, as this scroll progresses, discuss further the topic of the "mission" of the Strong Souls, Beings variously described and given different names, in Scripture for example. There is one note here to add. An experience known as "astral projection must not be confused with what may be descriobed as "seeing the light". An astral projection is a purely Spirit experience .. literally the Spiritual energy detaches from the body physical body, save for a strand of [Spirit] and travels; but never more than a hundred feet or so above the ground; only 'spiritual awareness' is involved and therefore in that such experience the Landscape appears .. and this is an adequate description (and accurate) very like thelandscapes plotted in computer flight simulators back in the early days of gaming etc; i.e. blocky, without detail and muted in colour - greyed even. Seeing The Light involves the consciousness proper and the eye therefore sees truthfully; reality is as is.

Anyhow, I write this because I would like to contribute something meaningful to the “walk in” subject, and perhaps you would like to too... In my case I was transported out of my body to make contact with Souls. I - or rather my actual self was the central one of a v-wing, i.e. a flight in the formation of a > shape .. consisting of seven souls, arriving from out of space into the Earth plane... for want of a better way of describing the indescribable. An image, which better does the job is viewable on strongangelFlickr. I recognised the foremost and central individual in the wing as - somehow - to be my own my own Soul: or the one due to come to me? Was I waiting for it all my Life? By way of a short telepathic communication this one advised "don't worry, you are on a mission". Then I was back in my physical body. To this day what or why this mission is I do not know. All I know is what I am honestly setting down here in this text.

A Soul, Celestially, is an Orb (note; this curious link is the nearest possible descriptor) dressed with light, but in the gravitational field appears more egg like. The pattern of the raiment is realised on the human skin (each human unique), and that each Soul has the facial features of its owner, which are inward, as like a wall socket, and delineated as like a caricature. In fact to look upon the geometry of the human face is to look upon what is a truly beautiful drawing. Each souls face is unique to each individual, just as human (and faces of all creatures great and small) are. I would describe the facial features – all - as the 'geometry of Creation', and therefore of Life. I am also able to say the state of the Soul is the state of universal peace and knowledge and Life connection, that being contrary to the state of the “living soul”.

The Soul is a dark object and that within a Human Being it is at the core of the body, the sprite in reformation terms (more on this subject will follow ... it is important!); is the very space within, which achieves bodily existence by reacting with the energy of Carbon 12, which energy is describable as Spirit; is introduced by the Father at conception and that Spirit is activated by the Mother at the same time - delivered up with the first few Carbon 12 (C12) particles constituent to the egg. Spirit exists in the skeleton and where the Soul resides, i.e. within the cavity provided by the ribcage, those bones are the begirding "pile" of the reaction spoke of; sustaining the reaction during each individual’s entire living soul existence. This is the rerason the rib was fundamental to the Adam and Eve Creation story; a new man - was formed from a rib?

May I reassure you as to the integrity of this text and ask you to accept it is no hoax or in any way a commercialisation of the truth. I am simply attempting to give an accurate 360-degree account of the walk in experience. Please do not hesitate to share your experiences if you so wish and/or comment on what is written here, which is written simply and honestly. thre is nothing to be had by concealing what gives hope and everything to gain by showing the way. In that mind please comprehend a fundamental principle to this Book, my Life .. and yours in fact, which is .. There is only one "God". That God is Creation; is without hierarchy or title; and we each one of us, and I mean every living dying creature, wears the face of Creation. Any system of Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens, Almightys' and All Powerfuls' belong in the realms of human understanding and are without foundation in Life and Death condition. Each one of you reading this, all creatures great and small, is a unit that is part of the whole of Creation; and the whole may be decribed as God, even as you are integral to that whole, you too are God. Not one man or woman on Earth, save for his or her personal diferences is any way any diferent to you .. God.

One interesting thing more in this introduction .. Lyall Watson - who really was a mind apart from his contemporaries - authored SUPERNATURE [coronet: London; 1974] a book about Life, complimenting the Romeo Error, which fine book intrinsically concerend itself with Death. Supernature was described as a "Natural History of The Supernatural". At pages 143 and 144 there-in is a fascinating account of the Aura, which records ... "In the second beautiful book on his converstaions with a Yaqui Man Of Knowledge, Castenada records a discussion about ordinary looking and really "seeing" ... Don Juan - cryptically - says "I like to sit in parks and bus depots and watch. Real people look like luminous eggs when you see them." He goes on to explain that sometimes in a crowd of egg like creatures he spots one who looks just like a person, and then he knows there is something wrong and that, without the luminous glow, this is not a real person at all..." [Carlos Castenada A SEPERATE REALITY London: Bodley Press; 1971].

An investigation of the observations of the Yaqui Man Of Knowledge, and many other interesting things besides begin in the Post titled Life Alternatively... be prepared to be changed for ever. An anecdote, it was reported on Janice Long's Radio 2 late night show (UK) that a lady eating squid was discovered to have a number of baby squid attached to the inside of her mouth - incubating. Squid are reportedly becoming very hostile. Do you think, like Mitochondria, squid are attempting to covet the human being form; after all we are about the nearest thing on land to a squid? Alien ... District 9 ... etc: is Life imitating Art?

We can now enter into the Book proper .. but before doing so let me advise you of some writings you may enjoy to go into simultaneously or first .. or book-mark for later. ADVENTER is a set of writings committed during the period from around 2004 - 2006 as a prelude to strongangelstar, an identity that was yet to form. Continuity is everything .. If in "The Beginning" was the word then you can be certain in 'The End' will be the shout and it will be "Gods" shout. As Adventer my move was to introduce those who wished to know to the danger, to the intrepid being that was amongst us and ready to devour our very existence; why and how, as far as I then could. As strongangelstar I am there with you in the fight to save our Souls, our world, our race and most of all this Earth of Creation, because it is sacred as any in the multi-verse of Space and Time. Read these things as a friend would read that famous poem by anonymous...
Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort
Of feeling safe with a person
Neither having to weigh thoughts
Nor measure words
But pouring them all out as just they are
Certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them
Keep what is worth keeping
And with a breath of kindness
Blow the rest away
It is written at Matthew 11 [KJV] Jesus Christ said " ...
34 .. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword

35 .. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 .. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household
It is written at Matthew 12 [KJV] Jesus Christ said " ...
25 .. And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand; ..
This strongangel; a mortal son born from a union of a fertile Man and a fertile Woman, knows by experience the harm done when blood is turned against blood .. to the child .. to the woman .. to the man .. on every being of human race subjected to such diabolical philosophy; and does not pretend to come here to do anything. But will with every word earnestly implore you cherish true blood, as it lives for you, whether from you in those who are from your loins or those from whose loins you came; defend their blood right even to the last drop of your own, for their blood is your blood. And those whom by marriage are agreed with your blood find agreement with theirs; that is the way of peace and the way of harmonious growth. If you cannot do it in this Lifetime then put in your Soul that you will do it in the next .. for this is a true thing you can alter your Soul in anticipation of the next Living experience as you can amend it in this your current aliveness. Like wise this strongangel condemns any "prophet" inciting human beings to evil acts - with words like these for example, making the false claim the give the is the will of the Sweet Celestial Engineer ..
"Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-)

That inglorious competitor for our souls, an Alien to human beings did, and forever will make busy to place enmity within and amongst the races of this Earth; and this invader made collaborators of the fooled in every faith and worship from the fall, that is from the day Mankind spawned by ignorance a non-humanoid from their own self. Understand this .. the Sweet Celestial Engineer condemns forever the murder of one man by another .. or of one creature by another. At death judgent is given .. it is for no man to judge a man on his living. It is the demise of every living beings' Life when murder becomes it. Know this because this is true .. non-human beings have ruled our thoughts and words and deeds throughout all recorded history, their scripture for the most part is recorded for their kind .. not for Mankind. Even the primitive peoples suffer the evil spirit, which the ancients unleashed upon this Earth.</ br> Let not confusion reign over you, realise that cusrtoms and festivals, inncoent as they may seem are deeper in their aspect than what their outward meaning .. Christams, Eid-Ul-Adha, Songkran .. these are joyous days .. there is no disapproval of joyous days. Human Beings were given Erathly life to enjoy joyous days every day circumstances allowed. It a tactic of the ruling aliens to place in men the belief that anyone day is in any way different to any other. Answer me, which day do men celebrate the very Creation? Why not? The question cannot be answered because men are given to celebrate the days of man made "gods". No man made Creation. Celebrate evrything, everyday and above all things celebrate the afctv that yo are a universal being Created by the Creation, which is not a God but is the entire LOVE of the universe

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If you recall according to a Yaqui Master "Real people look like luminous eggs when you see them." ...That sometimes in a crowd of egg like creatures he spots one who looks just like a person, and then he knows there is something wrong and that, without the luminous glow, this is not a real person at all..." [Carlos Castaneda A SEPERATE REALITY London: Bodley Press; 1971]". It is another task in itself to define a crowd .. but we can that in virtually every classroom of Children there is one child that stands out; the one in the school photo who is to put it kindly disheveled; the one who stares out of the classroom window while every other child has its head in their book or their eyes on the teacher; the one who persistently draws your eye in any group situation involving the class?. Are these the ones who are not real persons?

Who or what can it be that is not a person at all - a "non-person" being. We can only know this if we completely understand what Life and What death are, because it is to Life and Death we must look to understand our selves. Without that knowledge, the gift of sight, seeing, means nothing. What is it that those able to see "luminous eggs" are regarding? The common answer is the "Aura" is "subtle, luminous radiation", however this is simplistic and unsatisfactory. It is more accurate to describe the Aura as a potential difference or tension resultant of the meeting between the Soul and Spirit energies of the living dying body. Where living and dying refer specifically to Macrocosmic and Microcosmic existence respectively, The Aura is the visible (to some) sign of the extra physical meeting of Life and Death as much as Flesh and Bone are the physical signs of their meeting. We may therefore deduce that the person without a luminous glow, sometimes seen by Carlos Castaneda's Yaqui Indian, as far as we are able to tell, has not that tension, which Soul and Spirit generate as they charge one with the other. Is it then that they are energetically all Life, all Soul powered, or all Death, all Spirit powered? There is a logical answer to this, which is argued as follows. Spirit is microcosmic, drawn rather than radiated out of matter, a radiation, as like gravity is drawn from a core say. the Soul on the other hand is a non physical "dark" - photonic - energy, which is only able to combine with matter at all if Spirit is present for to begird with. Spirit attracts Soul much the same way as a drop attracts a fall.

' An Aura-less being is a Spirit driven body. Human folklore and Religion attempt to explain us that such beings exist, and indeed are as commonplace as being spotted quite often by a Yaqui Master as he sits in depots and parks, in his hometown. Possibly the most famous account of all is the Genesis "creation story" of Adam and Eve. Indeed it is of prime importance in as much as it gives a fundamental explanation of who and why the non persons are. Abrahamic religions maintain to this day the knowledge and history essential for non-person survival and person subjugation. Subtly the Gennesis Account advises us of a chromosone alteration explaining a scenario in which the bone (rib) of Adam begets the progenator of a new Mankind Eve, who gave birth to Adamic man. 'An Aura-less being is a Spirit driven body'? That is quite a pronouncement .. is it true. It reads good but is it true. We will find out soon enough but first let us meander with Adam and Eve.

At the onset the Adamic experiment, this is what is being recorded, proved disastrous in as much as Eve produced two incompatible progeny, Kain and Abel and one wiped out the other and was then himself put down: sent to the land of Nod. But a third offspring Seth endured, to be duly ascribed "ancestor of Noah and hence the father of all mankind, all other humans having perished in the "Great Flood.", as Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaqi [1040 – 1105]) explained. An explanation we may take exception to. I’ll explain… Rashi, like so many commentators before him and since, wrongly presumes scripture is accurate historic record, the study of which invests in the student an accurate knowledge of the characters places and times recorded. But scripture is not about the physical plane at all. The physical in regard to inspired scripture is mere prop; useful only in so much as it presents tangible, comprehensible examples by which intangible incomprehensible ideas might be made concrete and therefore accessible. The Great Flood therefore may reference an entirely different meaning or event: not necessarily a physical one. Water has often been given allegorical meaning. Most notably its transparency (or lack of it) is held - in some cultures - to symbolize truth. Jesus Christ walked on the Truth, for example.

As explained you I saw seven Soul. Being an Artist I set about trying to paint what looked at and within very quickly realised that what I had seen was something very dark, dressed in the silver white of light. A chemist might explain that Light has no colour therefore the Soul possesses properties which render light silver coloured upon contact. The light exhibits as a pattern, much like the print on a finger or thumb; albeit in a constant swirling, rather like a garment might move around you for example. The reason for this is - I believe - because the Soul is essentially a spinning being, the raiment of light about it being photons of light caught up in the motion of the exterior, which is quick like light. Through the light appear eye, nose, and mouth orifices, that of the nose being faint/sharp in comparison to the eyes and mouth, but there none the less. The lay out of those features, delineated like a caricature might be, is however neither clumsy or grotesque, but rather is super-refined. Nothing is as beautiful as the Soul. Unique to every Soul is a different light pattern and a different face; the same unique natures apply to every living soul, i.e a different skin pattern and different facial features. Whereas Soul have these features, Spirit only is able to aspire to them.The Soul is dressed with Light therefore it is corollary a Soul is quicker than Light. That being so how then does it mange to maintain a Face? The answer to that may lie in Quantum Mechanics or some other Mathmatical manipulations, known or not yet discovered.

Spirit as it concerns us here is the "superradiance" of Carbon 12 facilitated by interaction with Carbon 14: the two in proximity to the Soul forming a begirding pile around the extraterrestrial life force -generating a hypergravity capable, for a time, of holding together the bioreactor that is the human body as it grows, and then fades about the Pile. As an analogy -and a poor one at that - Spirit is a zombie where Soul is an alive master of the universe. Spirit, is confined to the skeleton, to the bones of the body, which are not merely designed for to give the body form and purpose but are constructed to afford the pile - if you prefer reactor - the freedom of movement it craves as simultaneously maintaining the generating capabilities without which it is defunct in terms of usability. Spirit is indeed craven. Like a zombie it is devouring of what it needs to keep it going, without really knowing what/why/where it is going; and what it needs it pursues with mindless inanity, because Spirit is mindless, possessing of only the merest sense of extra-material existence. E.g., Spirit is held in an atomic prison, is effectively dead to the exterior world. But in the bioreactor of the body it becomes dying, that is to say not dead, but not living either, rather it is hanging out with living, each of the beings - the dying and the living - wholly dependent on the other; else the bioreactor fails: and both fall back to their original state. For Spirit this is tantamount to going back to eternal cessation - to dust: the ultimate uncertain future. The Soul returns into the heavens from whence it came, but more about that later.

It is two races you need to be ready to know of? In a crowd, whatever that number is there is always one who is not an egg like creature, but one who looks just like a person, and "there is something wrong and that, without the luminous glow this is not a real person at all..." But what if that non-person was the real person, and those glowing luminously were not real persons at all? In that situation the non-persons would be the dominant population on the Earth. The astute amongst you will have noticed that the Link for luminous glow takes you to St Fillan, who was not only potentially two people, a 'double 0' of his day, but was too credited with powers such as the healing of the sick and possessing a glowing left arm with which he used to study and write Sacred Scriptures in the dark. The likelihood is he was an Alchemist and had some of the wares of his trade about his house. We may come back to him and those like him later, but for now be focused on the issue .. two different types of Human are apparently present on this planet; there is a majority and a minority; and they are of entirely different appearnces to those with the "spiritual sight" to see the difference. Who has the sight? the Yaqui Indian of Carlos Castenada practised Shamanism and he sees, by imbibing the very essence of the natural world; his religion is nature, its forces and its chemistry; his faith is the wind, the whisper of the natural world, the telepathic communication of a fellow creature big or small; and his food is more the banquet of an alchemist than the fare of a conventional diner. Even in stricken circumstance the Shaman is first and foremost a conductive force of the Earth, by direct chthonic participation. In that respect such men and women might be said to share a commonality with Nuclear Physicists --- Chemists --- Biologists; and in many ways that is exactly what Shaman are; but they operate with the mind not the machine; and do so by direct connection of their mind to the forces of nature.

Shaman .. those who have attained the necessary level of awareness, may see two types of person. Who else can? The answer is you can. Whenever you look in the mirror you are seeing the two different persons; but depending upon which way you are 'switched' only one of them is visible to you. Of course this simplification of a fundamental difficulty possessed by every being, the super-physical recognition capability, hides a far more complex tale of human intrigue that 'switching' has long been part of .. perhaps the most obvious contemporary story being that of the Werewolf; a shapeshifter familiar to just about every human being for centuries and back further. The reality, as we know is that when we look in the mirror, we human beings see our reflected flesh and blood staring right back at us; for the 6 billion ++ of us there isn't a luminous egg to be seen; not even a glowing limb or two . If anybody alive were like this, then in this day and age the whole world would know about. Even those people who say they see aura - the luminous egg - don't offer greater than superficial theories to describe what they see; and "new age" explanations get ever further away from the reality. However there is merit in Kirilian Photography, as developed in 1939, by the Soviet scientist Semyon Kirilian, who demonstrated that by ‘passing a high voltage discharge between an object and an electrode, photographs could be produced which revealed that an energy field surrounded the object”, which he considered to be a “physical proof of the life force or aura”. Objects included leaves and digits for example. It is important to understand the potential influence of water content, and the body capacitance of the object, upon investigations of this nature.

Switching .. between the Spirit self and the Soul self happens within each of us virtually imperceptibly countless thousands of times per day. Every conscious decision you take is a choice between one or other of these "Beasts" .. the Soul, the "beast of the sea", which is to say photonic .. of (super)Light - the universe .. and the Spirit, the "beast of the land", which is to say (sub)atomic .. of earth - of matter. That one of these beasts is always in the ascendancy in terms of the physical being is a necessity of the human condition as we needs must live by it; for to sustain our intelligent self .. the same life condition ordering the form of all creatures living dying bodies. The beast of the land pays homage to the beast of the sea; even as in the book of Revelations the allegorical second beast comes from "out of the earth" and directs all peoples of the earth to worship the first beast.  The wikipedia link (see "Beasts" above) has in its commentary a wrong reference; though correctly explaining the "first beast comes from "out of the sea" and is given authority and power by The Dragon" .. it wrongly claims "this first beast is initially mentioned in Revelation 11:7 as coming out of the abyss";  in fact the beast from the abyss is a reference to that bedevilled Spirit separated in existential reality to the Spirit ray involved in the creation determined human experience.  There is more to the beast of the abyss (the deepest ocean floor [deeper than any continental land on Earth) than that and this topic is discussed further below in the Post 'David Hilbert's Nuclear Space', however a simple word graph will for the time being, serve to illustrate the fundamental point...

The terms dragon, abyss, and other similarly colourful scriptural references relate to alchemical experimentations with light and matter, gas and water, that demanded out of the ordinary descriptors to facilitate elucidation of complex observations, while maintaining secrecy. The basis of almost every religion is sustaining of the living dying condition. Even now many modern scientists manipulating the chemistry and physics of the universe are religious, and no doubt translate their faith with their observations whenever the opportunity arises. For peoples in antiquity scientific experimentation and religious inquiry were practically the same and conversions between them far more profound and consistently enacted. Yet the modern scientist, if not religious in the accepted sense will believe in his work as though his life (and ours) depend upon it .. so religiousness prevails. The parable "Adam and Eve" is an example a profound conjunction of religion with practical experiment; recording the fundamental alteration of the Human Being .. when the Man Created by God, "Creator of Heaven and Earth" was recreated by a man .. aka "The Lord God": ... "These [are] the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens, ..."

Satanic .. sounds dreadful already doesn't it? The desired purpose of our very Soul (except those who consciously follow evil) is to give anything Satanic a healthy respect; that is the reason why faith postulated through religion succeeded to dominate the activities of consciously correct human beings throughout the course of recorded history and before that no doubt. Pause for a moment; try to recollect your very earliest infant thoughts, as you lay, helpless, dependent. Even then you had an understanding of goodness and badness in you and awareness that the environment about you was an alien place that you needed to be protected from until you were grown enough to negotiate [it]. Like a parent instinctively protects a child from harm, religion intends, as you mature, to subtly guard you from the Satanic environment, which cannot be regarded as safe as the more distant - unprovable - Celestial heaven. But is Satanic an abused term? Religiousness requires a believer to wary of [it] and virtually every culture, advanced or primitive denounces the chthonic “Devil” or its equivalent, that scripture, as an example, personifies as Lucifer, Satan  and so on. But much of the lore in respect of the Satanic aspect of existence is derived from human scientific dabbling through the course of history and modern science is a mere continuation of the Alchemic pursuits of inquisitive forefathers; who have taken the road that leads Soul existence to "spiritual awareness", aloose term which justifies religiousness and all that zeal. Modern science  is the same exposed the prime exponent of satanic practices .. in fact more than at any other time it could be argued. Is this "Good" .. or is this "Bad"? We can only answer that question when we comprehend what "Good" and "Bad" is, and we can only understand those if we begin with the realisation that they are not concepts but tangible significant dimensions, given form by the science of religion. And here is the interesting thing .. Good and Bad like our own Soul and Spirit are restrained in how the Earth plane accepts and effects their relationship with it; so for example Good is very much inclined towards existence within, upon or in very close proximity to certain atoms while Bad is similarly fixed by others.

From the beginning - think of the "Garden of Eden" and the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" - the foremost preoccupation of Earth fixed human races has been correct negotiation/interaction with the "Good" and "Bad" dimensions, of this base 'satanic' environment, because their core self, extra-physically begird with Earths most accepting material(s) renders the human being a physical juxtaposition of "heaven and hell". Don't be thinking I am lulling you into accepting satanic practices an unavoidable fact and therefore by proxy acceptable; I am not. What I am trying to say, albeit clumsily, is that in perpetuity the human race must allow satanic energies to exist, to be commonplace; because those energies are actually integral to our very fabric, as much as goodness is integral the same. However persisting to profligate children born from test tubes; or people living with other peoples organs in them; or vicious - that is explosive - murder and cruelty in the name of freedom; etc, etc. are not the allowing I refer to. These are defiling acts, entirely wrong, and with other similar atrocities constitute abominations that are and will forever be unforgivable .. and I warn you here now, the practitioners of such abominable things, no matter how innocent they act or consider them selves to be, do not work for the good but operate for the destruction of all good and are therefore doomed by their own hand. Satanic energies must be allowed to exist, but there effects must never be practised, except where ably used.

Now we can begin to get to the nub of things and investigate the profound subject this book will explain. However a picture paints a thousand words and two is like a thousand times a thousand .. So here are two very important images to study. They are depictions of the the venerated, first Bishop of Florence, St Zenobius wikipedia link  &/or  Catholic Encyclopedia link. In both images we see Bishop Zenobius exorcising what is purported to be evil - invariously described as "sprites", "spirits", or "demons". Note that in both images, which are painted over two century and a half apart, the darkness emanating from the mouths of the exorcised people, who are either youths [A] or small men [B], take distinctly humanoid forms. In the case of image [A] the 'things' exorcised appear to have wings, while in the case of image [B] the thing brought out also appears to be carrying a crook, traditionally carried Bishops or by Shepherds. But Crook (2nd definition) has a far greater importance to us as we shall see later in this work; and in the process of doing so we will discover that the symbolic crook and fluctuation theorem (FT), derived from statistical mechanics, are of significant import.


Detail (right side) of the Painting
Sandro Botticelli
St Zenobius venerated first Bishop of Firenze (Florence)
exorcising sprites from out of the mouths of two youths;
said to be posssessed as a result of their mother's curse.

(active 1225-1255 in Florence)
A scene where the Bishop (St) Zenobius
 is exercising Sprites variously interpreted as
 (Spirits) or (demons)

Contemplate: if you wanted to alter the world .. how would you do it? Consider that the plan you enact is "generations" in the making and that for it to work you need to get your enemies to support your aims and to fight amongst them selves .. devilish .. and a common tactic of successful "warfare". If you could embark on such a course .. one that is generations in the making (notwithstanding the "Strauss-Howe Generational Theory") .. how would you maintain secrecy of your presence, purpose, and process? Furthermore if from time to time your aims could not be maintained, how would you ensure your purpose and process continued; else could be continued, e.g. a suitable mechanism was in place to ensure immediate acceptance of your presence, purpose and due process? The answers to these questions you already know! Think .. "be aware", "wake up" .. do those pleadings ring a bell? The links here point you to scriptural interpretations. But know this, of ordinary Men and Women there is not a single Soul on Earth who properly comprehends and therefore interprets scripture, no matter of what origin the scripture be, of which nation the human being be of, and regardless of any profession they might make of their study. There is not a single written account of the dynamics of The Soul and its interoperation with Spirit that is comprehensible to a Soul begird with Spirit (WATCH).

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) the latest published figures reported 5 Million "test tube babies" have been born since July 1978, when the method first became available. The New York Daily News ran the same story a couple of days later on 03 July 2012. A test tube baby is born via In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure; a process where the ovaries are usually stimulated to produce numerous eggs which are later extracted out of the ovaries via suction. The eggs and sperm are placed in a Petri-dish to allow for fertilization to occur and incubated for three to five days. A few of the resultant embryos are then placed into a catheter and deposited into the uterus. The other commonly used method to assist a sterile couple or individual to produce a child is an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI, also known as Artificial insemination). In this procedure the semen from the ejaculate is washed to place a concentration of the best of all sperm into a catheter. The catheter is then passed through the cervix into the uterus where the sperm is deposited. It is up to the sperm at this point to find their way into the fallopian tube to find the egg to fertilize so that a pregnancy may occur. This method was originally, and more properly known as Artificial Insemination by Donor, (AID). To see a full comparison between the two methods CLICK HERE. On 17 April 2012 the British "Mail Online" published an Article under the leader .. "The man who fathered 1,000 children: They're middle-class, living in Britain - and only a few have any idea about the extraordinary story surrounding their birth." It relates the story of a so called "British scientist", Bertold Wiesner, who reportedly 'fathered 1,000 children' by donating sperm at his own London fertility clinic with his wife Mary Bartons in the 1940s. Wiesner's surname is an anagram WE RISEN (New Rise if you prefer). Note this because it is important as this book will prove to you. Weisner had already been married and had a child by Anna Gmeyner before they separated in 1928. Weisner a busy man coined the term Psi (parapsychology). There are no readily available figures for the number of Births by AID, however in the United States [it] has spawned a celebrity culture of sorts, with TV Series "Quints By Surprise " enjoying 3 Seasons (so far).

The term Psi derived from the Greek, ψ psi, is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet; is derived from the Greek ψυχή psyche, "mind, soul, and is attributed to Weisner; and was first used by psychologist Robert Thouless  in a 1942 article published in the British Journal of Psychology. Thouless (you could almost say Souless famously wrote "Straight and Crooked Thinking") Psi was argued by Thouless and Wiesner to offer a non-theoretical manner of referring to extrasensory perception and psychokinesis, these terms being unjustifiably loaded with suggestions as to how the phenomena were caused or experienced" .. the wikipedia entry affirms. Another term of Weisner's .. Anomalous Operation, also known as anomalous perturbation explains further that Psi "is defined as an interaction with matter without the use of all known physical mechanisms". It is curious that wikipedia while carrying entries for  Anna Gmeyner Weisners ex Wife, his actual daughter and his work(s) does not carry an English language entry about him: a rather apologist German entry does exist. Isn’t it incredible that while British soldiers are dying in the hundreds of thousands fighting an Austrian born mad man's alleged attempt to create an Aryan race, another Austrian born 'Psichologist' is quietly getting on with it in London's "Harley Street" .. The Private sector) during the Blitz? Weisner, according to WorldCat is alleged to have been born in 1901 and lists amongst his works "SEX"; 2 editions published in 1936 in English and held by 24 libraries worldwide; and "Maternal Behaviour In The Rat"; 2 editions published in 1970 in English and held by 3 libraries worldwide. According to "... Hundreds of thousands of donor initiated individuals have been born, all around the world, in the two hundred plus years that sperm donor conception has been going on..." Published in a New Feminism post entitled "Secret Land Mines". That is a huge number born without a Soul. Together with the 5 Million admitted Test Tube Babies, it is enough for one in every crowd. Thus Carlos Castenada's Yaqui Master, and we, may find one such person or their progeny in every park, or every bust stop .. and we do .. are these then our non persons?

Barack H Obama O Abraham Back
Abraham A Brahma (the Hindu god (deva) of creation)
Michel de Nostredame D'Alchemiste Moderne (playful, e.g. teasing)
Albert Abraham Michelson Abraham Nobler Alchemist
Albert Einstein Nee Trinil Beast (Trinil as known as Homo Erectus Man)
Bertold Paul Wiesner Be Told we R Risen Up
St Michael Alchemist
Rosalind Franklin Fission Killer Learns DNA
David Hilbert Birthd A Devil

This table provides a few examples of the curious anagrams derived from the names of certain influential characters .. ancient and modern .. who can be said to have had a direct influence on religious, political, and scientific events that have altered the course of Human History irrevocably. Next I hear you  ask .. so how does forming anagrams of these names in any way identify their namesakes worthy of extra attention over and above known understanding?! The short answer is .. it doesn't. But nothing in Life is ever that simple. There is always complexity. besides how in one small book could I ever explain to you the divine importance of the English language without sounding like a biased anglophile. Let me try .. when you are a Foetus, and then born, before you ever talk you think .. what language do you, whoever you are .. wherever you are born .. think in? I try to draw your attention to something all prespoken language of every child is the same .. all children think and speak in the language of Creation. And I can't stress to you enough the imporatnce of Anagrams in the framework of imparting history intergenerationally.

I will revisit this table and discuss at length the 20th Century incarnations Franklin, Hilbert, Einstein, Michelson and Weisner .. and others, anon. Like all investigations further evidence is welcome, so please do not hesitate to make contact with any contribution you believe warrants attention.

On 18 April 2012 the respected Daily Telegraph (amongst other) published a headline under the headline "Queen was born through artificial insemination - new outlandish claims by royal biographer". 'Chi-Key'! .. Who knows whether this is true or not? If it is, then it puts the deceased Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, herself allegedly the daughter of a concubine in ancient company; from Eve, the first altered female recorded , through Hagar (Abrahams hand maiden) through Mary mother of Jesus ("the handmaid of the Lord" as she referred to herself), to the present, thousands and thousands of hand maidens, the term being a polite way of explaining away artificial insemination by donor; maybe by husband (AIH). We see then why, under a Monarchy with skeletons in the cupboard, amongst a nation fighting a mighty war, in a Capital city under blitz, an individual with a dubious British identity, during his late middle aged years, was, together with his selected associates able, virtually unopposed, to improperly fertilise the eggs of hundreds if not thousands of apparently desperate women; who by all accounts came from backgrounds where money and status were not issues. Is this how the world is progressing? Is this true Creation .. potentially millions of children born into priviliged position, who otherwise nature herself decreed had no right to exist, and who by virtue of their birth circumstance have immediate advantage over the majority of children born out of healthy procreation? It is an abhorrent absurdity, which a society, no matter how liberal may accept as normal; and more than that it is the fulfilment of a planned overthrow of the human race. People now look back and decry the circumstances, the actions of mankind during the great war, and yet as they do this a far grateter threat is perpetrated in their very midst in the guise of Medicine. the science and art of healing.

To recap of what we understand so far .. the Human experience is a condition of existence between Life and Death, Macrocosm and Microcosm, Soul and Spirit. 'Extra physical' entities, other than by the normal method of increasing the Human Race copulation, the correspondent 'forces of nature' Angels and Spirits may enter into physical existence by walk in (Angels)or by switching (Spirit). Re-examine the two images above beginning with image [A] reproduced in full below [C].


"Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius"
Circa 1500 A.D.

The National Gallery, England describes the work thus "...From left to right: the saint exorcises devils from two youths possessed as a result of their mother's curse; he resurrects a dead boy, here lying in the lap of his wailing mother; and he restores the sight of a blind pagan who had promised to convert to Christianity...". A Yaqui Indian with 'the sight' might describe it as a crowd of persons who have discovered and beset four individuals. Taking the work as a whole we see the number doing the deed is at least 26; a ratio of almost seven to one. Note how the Artist, adept at perspective non the less has two of the exorcists apparently floating, cleverly concealing his intention by placing them adjacent to steps. If we remove these two characters from the number of exorcists we have then a ratio of 6 to 1. The variously uniformed grounded individuals may be further considered two crowds of twelve with an apparently super-human overseer for each, apportion each crowd two of the four beset individuals, and curiously you get a new testament number of 12 disciples, one Christ and two sinners (crucified with Christ). Botticelli created this painting, a very definite statement  in the period when  Renaissance Art  was influenced to produce Reformation works, which in turn attracted the artistic response known as the Counter Reformation. Botticelli's work is to all intents and purposes pro-Christian, however his symbolism suggests otherwise. Apart from the four beset individuals, his figures are strident and not a little aggressive, completely at odds with Christianity's purported ideal. St Zenobius, image [A]  [C] is adorned with the Cross (sword?) of St Andrew No one can be certain as to whether it was Andrew or his Brother Peter who drew a sword and cut off the ear of Malchus. Scripture states Jesus instructed his disciples to "sell your cloak and buy a sword". As like the next painting we shall discuss, the four exorcised are - visually - small, and three are so described - the fourth being a pagan - in comparison to the 'larger than Life' exorcists. Moreover the exorcists are virtually falling on the 'assailed'.

Like the majority of scriptural instructions such as described at Luke 22:36 [NIV] above (or if you prefer "Sell your cloak and buy a sword" "let him sell his garment, and buy one" 22:36 [KJV]), explanations of their true meaning  are ten times ten times ten more numerous than the Versions that spawn them. With so much confusion surrounding what is actually meant it is unsurprising mixed and various misunderstandings exist, for example this article about Sword Symbolism, confusedly explains ".. As an alchemical symbol the sword is a symbol of purification. Here we experience the metaphorical sword cleanly piercing the spiritual soul of man. This symbolic action sacrifices physical bondage to release a path to ethereal (enlightened) freedom.." However, there is no such thing as "the spiritual soul", that 'guess' is a complete contradiction in terms;akin to saying "the dry water"; or "the stone air" .. Soul and Spirt are entirely diverse, even beyond poles apart. Remove the word spritual from the description, then see the true meaning of Sword Symbolism. The metaphorical sword cleanly piercing the soul of man; except that no metaphor is intended, but rather the deeper, hidden meaning prevails; mans soul is pierced - murdered by alchemic procedure. Remember Scripture is not about the Physical, it is about the 'extra-physical' and more than that it is about the human greed that spurs the spirited alchemist impossibly - direly - to seek physical immortality at the expense of his eternal Soul, for their is no other way physical longetivity can be achieved. However as the book Genesis documents, physical perpetuation of the human form, any material form, is impossible .. unless it is truly dead.

The very space about which your material self is constructed is Your Soul. Into that seeming emptiness air, food and water are poured, and after being transformed into energy and body the waste products of these are duly breathed out, excreted or urinated. This is a very potent emptiness, able to destruct everything entering into it even as it constructs the perfect apparatus to sustain its animation on the Earth plane. Except for rare exceptions all foods digested are carbon forms rendered devoid of life, else removed from the soil that sustains there form; indeed it is now understood the Brain fares better when fed cooked food than it does when raw food only is fed upon. From this largely carbon-centric diet, in chemical reaction with air and fluids, the Soul, in coordination with the Spirit galvanised by Mother at birth, builds a body, carefully utilising of the Spirit energy released from the carbon diet building simultaneously constructing the begirding pile that is the the Skeleton, a form of activated carbon. Sandro Botticelli undoubtedly knew this .. was aware that what he painted was not “sprites” or “devils” or “spirits” but was in fact Soul. His painting is quietly depicting what many in his day knew but could not believe let alone explain; such was the power of Scripture in the hands of the exorcists. He carefully shows a scene where the unaware, misguided people, those dressed in white, are assisting the switched people, identified as belonging the religio-political or ruling class, those attired in Blue, Red, Yellow and Black, overseen by the 2 real demons (levitating* .. independant of gravity), one of whom is dressed in all four colours, while the other is attired in a sombre, dirty mix of them. In a society where Religion is the dominant social force it is unsurprising that in an overtly religious work Botticelli covertly invites you to gaze upon and decipher his personal take on what is going on in the struggling world of his day, visually explaining to observers of his picture we must believe or we die.

Illuminati like most every term esoteric means different things to different people. Herein I use it to refer to what the Wikipedia entry, in its opening paragraph, refers to as "enlightened"; but not with regard to either the real (historical) or fictitious variety described .. but rather the very real but intangible Spirit clan, which "enlightened" inconspicuously defines. ‘Humanati’ more properly describes the real (historical) "wanna be" enlightened humans; humanity itself being largely unknowing and un-needing of enlightenment. The Illuminati you need to know of are manipulators of the Humanati, who exist as ridiculous servants not the sensible masters they believe themselves to be. This Spirit clan are the remnant and direct descendants of Adam, a subspecies of human making; who, by way of experimental alteration of their extra-physical existence were doomed to endure a bodiless torment on the earth plane in perpetuity. From time to time, when certain factors, i.e.Tachyon condensations,such entities may take on a physical form switching with the Spirit of a living being (the switched human is led into the desert!). Intentionally, I wish to avoid complex references to topics such as quantum physics; indeed I stress the importance of keeping language on these matters as simple as possible. What I wish you to comprehend is not rocket science but is built into every atom of your physical being. Are you not both living and dying, alive and yet as much not alive at all? Do you really think that in millions of years of human history on Earth no mind or college of minds considered and took much further an obsession with Abiogenesis. To believe that it is only in recent history the curious Human discovered "science" is the equivalent of saying men did not sleep prior to beds being manufactured. Evolution, understood, is active Chemistry.

The Illuminati obtain physicality occupying the bodies, switching with persons, unsuspecting or otherwise, as they have done for thousands of years. But all thanks to "Modern Medicine", their very own invention, there are now more of them "walking Earth" than ever before. As Satan lived and Christianity boasts as much by giving that same word reversed "devil" as another name to call the beast by, so what is actually represented continues to live. As explained elsewhere "the beast of the earth" and "the beast of the sea" are references to Spirit (Earth) and Soul (Universe) respectively. The beast referred to proceeding from a third source "the abyss" is a beast that has both an earth and universe element to it; a cryptic acknowledgement this beast has interacted with both living and dying and now exists independent of either. This is the direct reference of Scripture to the Illuminati; the confirmation of their existence and in context the conundrum of life, death, and deadness.  Consider the divisive nature of Scripture, the similarity that exists between all major texts, suggesting one original source. Now look around you, walk out into the land and look; regard images of this world and rest assured you see the word of Creation, which no "God" made but which every instant of existence built. "The Word of God" is the invention of a Man, a particularly advanced Man, of a race that sought the secret of eternal physical embodiment and paid the price, suffering eternal dis-embodiment; consciousness of free space, above general relativity and all, 'quantized' and so shackled.

The most certain way to identify the Illuminati is through those writings known as Scripture.. more especially those translated from Hebrewic writings .. not merely by reading them, for they are a complex code, disguising of a number of threads of information, but by comprehending them. To achieve that it is essential to understand, as I have tried so far to help you, the nature of Soul and Spirit, because essentially two forms of Scripture exist intermixed one with the other, each dealing with one or other of those states of being. There are various translations, from the original source material of most Scriptural texts into English, each being an attempt by Creation working thru Man to reveal the hidden meaning of content it is essential to our very survival is deciphered. What do I mean? This .. the Illuminati are Creations enemy .. yes that is true, what they did and will do is threatening to the Universal sysytem of things, which the Sweet Celestial Engineer .. The one true Creation ..cannot and will not tolerate. As much as the Illuminati will use human beings to enact their purpose, Creation, otherwise neutral in this system of things, divinely works through the minds and actions of prepared human beings to bring to light the darkest deeds; crucial to this intervention are the translations, which are constantly updated to offset the effects of Illumnati imposed change and as well intergenerational progression. Translations differ, and with those differences, even the subtlest meanings and therefoe understandings are lost. Be wise, own several "versions" of any scripture and then, before you believe, research more. Here is an important .. vital .. example of what I describe. In his Book "The United States and Britain in Prophecy", discussing the "Promise" made by "God" to Abraham (P.27), Herbert W Armstrong wisely cites 3 possible interpretations, from three different translations (from Hebrew) of the same Scripture; i.e.

"By myself have I sworn, saith the [Eternal], for BECAUSE thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son: That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies [or as correctly translated in the Revised Standard Version (RSV), "And your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies." The Fenton translation renders it: "And your race possess the gates of its enemies" - so far the material, national promises of race]: And in thy seed [Christ] shall all the Nations of the earth be blessed [this promIse is spiritual, of grace]; because thou hast obeyed my voice" (Genesis 22:16-18).

reading this paragraph carefully you will notice how drastically differently the version quoted differs to the two compared with [it]. I am not sure which version the quoted version is, but the RSV is more universally known, than the Ferrar Fenton Bible these days. Armstrong, by citing the three translations recognises a problem exists, yet like many a fine commentator unaware of the true meaning behind these ancient writings, he is unable to focus on the important detail; but never mind, in the process of revealing the truth he is fundamental. Now read the translations again .. then consider these two facts .. 1. the Gates referred to here are not the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal or the Straits of Gibraltar, because they are not components of "material, national promises [of race]"; rather they are are extraphysical non-geographical locations. I am going to go into the gates further, later in this book, but here I will explain that that throughout the universe from an Atom to a Galaxy every interaction between Life and Death, between the one side and the other, operates via "gates". Your Soul within you body enters in via a gate and until death is held within your core by a gate. ...2. Race, where it concerns Abraham and the Lineage down from Adam is not the Human Race .. it is the Adamic Race. The Fenton translation does correctly identify that "your race" .. i.e. the race of Abraham, which is separate/separated from the Human Race will possess the gates of its enemies i.e the Human Beings .. and therefore their Souls .. Realise this the origins of Hebrew, like many ancient languages are unclear but in the name there is a hint i.e. 'He Brews' what?

Look again at the Painting by Botticelli above C .. what do you notice? Gates, closed and open; four, representing North, South, East and West; each in different mode of opening; the sparse shadows indicate the (Oblique)East Gate is set in the wall at the right as you look on the painting; moving to the left we see the North (Pole) Gate, with a clear NorthSouth (Life Death) through way; moving left again we see the South Gate (closed, indicating death is denied) and then at the extreme left the curious West Gate, with its open spaced two arches set at right angles: indicating inter galactic/dimensional potential, i.e universal freedom). Numbers of windows, basic gates, shown as closed, sealed off (glazed) or wide open; and unusable (cropped in the picture plane), offer other ways in and out of the void!. Sandro's setting is, like his figures very carefully thought through, everything he knows is here to be seen, but what madness to admit such things; except and unless as secretively as prudence permits. For example the central Gate proper, that which is closed, is situated behind the scene of Saint Zenobius as he resurrects a dead boy, who is lying in the lap of his distraught Mother, indicating/signifying that the boys Soul is not going to be leaving the Earth plane, prematurely, his ailments are not enough to condemn him (The South gate indicates restriction of the Soul to the Earth plane on death [hell?]. At right the Saint restores the sight of a blind pagan who had promised to convert to Christianity .. so that gate is open and through it we see a couple of mansions (view this curious link?). On the left where the Saint exorcises devils/sprites possessed as a result of their mothers curse the gate(s) behind them are symbolic in the sense that they are to be taken as showing the nature of free space, an issue which David Hilbert knew all about. At the very beginning of this book there is a simple animation, which accompanies the title of this work; it shows a Lorentz Transformation, here representative of a Gate, in motion through a travelling Galaxy, in a Universe itself on a journey through the space-time continuum.

Of the major religious groups two, Christianity and Islam, have at their core a set of writings, which scholars generally refer to as the Pentateuch, that term being derived from Hellenistic Judaism. the vast majority of practising religious people are involved with one or the other of these two faiths, and many more besides live a lifestyle directly affected by the dogma the two belief systems generate about them. The so called five books of the Pentateuch, also known as the Law, or the Law of Moses, have within them elements of more ancient Egyptian theologies, which in turn included even more ancient influences. Notwithstanding their actual import nor their ceremonial usage, the most innocent capacity of these writings was intended to develop and control "congregations", the intentional purpose being governmental rather than any particular need to have people know "God". Hence such statements as "For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a Jealous God: .." [Exodus 34:14 (K.J.V)] carries threatening, frightening meaning to an unknowing population, unaware that what was actually being discussed in the writings was chemistry of an altogether practical, scientific nature. Unfortunately, for the millions of people who have been exterminated as a direct result of the fanaticism the Pentateuch and related scripture generate, the successful use of the covert language therein, by those who would subvert for powers sake, has largely been undertaken by fellow humans as ignorant of the real meaning behind the writings as their victims. Even today people die, abused of the very same uninformed panderings to wickedly employed manuals that go by the name and style of Bible and Quran. The time has come to put a stop to that madness.

Wherever you are on Earth today your life is being ran by an authority fronted by others who are exactly equal to you in every respect, except they sanctimoniously impose undermining human standards upon you; all you understand is they are backed up by and therefore represent for the most part archaic doctrine, which mysteriously justify the politico/religious agenda they oppress you and yours with. You accept your inferiority, reconciled that mendacity will sustain every living day of your earthly existence for you. You shall never rise above your station and never question the authority subverting you. Yet all of the authority on earth combined cannot tell you one absolute truth about who you are and why you are here. Not one single politic can guarantee you anything but the certainty that there will be someone wealthy and powerful looking down on you, in any and every circumstance. Not one single religion can justify any faith you might place on it by telling you what it actually is you gain by believing by and through them, what it is they promulgate. No politic, faith, nor a hybrid of the two actually serves any purpose other than to keep you in check. The one, politics, is a form of gang rule, with the import of the doctrine being more often than not protected by army or police ‘commandos’. And the other; it is true that the more esoteric the faith, the more obscure the message. Each religion, from the spuriously philosophical to the out and out theosophical to the dangerously zealous, all have one thing in common .. they are the brainchild of individuals who sought to influence others by inciting [in them] the very most desperate fear a human being holds, e.g. who he/she is before and after he/she dies, offering up, without any tangible proof whatsoever, savings no man can ever offer another. Notwithstanding those day to day miracles all human beings are capable of, the fact is divinity favours neither creed, race, or individual. No one being is more prcious to Creation than another.